About Us

Karmic Connection Group is fast emerging as one of India's biggest conglomerate of companies. Since its inception in the year 2011, by its Founder, Chairman and M.D. Sushant Sinha, the group has grown rapidly to make its presence felt nationwide with business operations covering every village, city and state of India.


Karmic Connection Securitas

The past two decades of global developments have brought with themselves dark shadows of an insecure world, which are fast spreading their wings into every sphereof our lives. That’s where we at Karmic Connection Securitas step in….Securing your life and assets. Our highly trained MANNED GUARDS, ARMED GUARDS, SUPERVISORS, PSOs, BODYGUARDS, PRIVATE DETECTIVES , supported by the very best international range of ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENTS and COMPUTER SECURITY SOFTWARES, secure yourworld. Marked by its world class management cell and a beautifully integrated core group working relentlessly 24x7 to completely secure your personal and professional space, Karmic Connection Securitas redefines the word “SECURITY”.

Karmic Connection F & B

Feasting is an integral part of every celebration of life, be it WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES, HOUSE PARTIES, REUNIONS, PICNICS, CAMPS, CORPORATE MEETS or FAMILY OUTINGS. We at KARMIC CONNECTION F & B understand the importance a good exotic spread holds for every celebration of life. So now sit back and let our CHEFS & CONNOISSEURS cook and serve you a feast that will tell a tale for a life time to come.

Karmic Connection Apparel

Fashion has reinvented itself with every decade. Clothing as a part of the rapidly evolving fashion trend has travelled a journey from being designed primarily for physical need and comfort to being designed for just pure trend defining fashion. KARMIC CONNECTION APPARELS endeavors to rewind back the clock to the good old daysof comfort dressing while still retaining the soul of the just pure trend defining fashion. Karmic Connection Apparel is our humble effort at presenting to you LEATHERJACKETS, JEANS, T-SHIRTS, SHIRTS, TROUSERS, CARGO PANTS, UNIFORMS FOR SCHOOLS & CORPORATES, SUITS, BRIDAL WEARS, DRESSES & FASHION ACCESSORIES like never before.

Karmic Connection Foundation

JOB, SHELTER, FOOD, CLOTHES, MEDICAL TREATMENT and EDUCATION... basic necessities of life... a luxury for many... Welcome to KARMIC CONNECTION FOUNDATION where we endeavor to make such luxuries affordable to those many.


The core working strength of Karmic Connection Group of Companies are families that have been handpicked by Karmic Connection Foundation from the poverty thresh holds of India. Both Men and Women of the families have been rigorously trained by the foundation and employed by the companies of the group as security guards, cooks, assistant cooks, seamstresses, tailors. Some have been trained and placed as housekeepers, house helps, house cooks, drivers, nannies and peons at various households and offices.

The responsibility of providing Food, Clothes, Medical Treatment, and Education for all the employees and their dependents is shouldered by the Security, F & B and Apparel Houses of the group along with the Foundation.

This synergized structure has given birth to one big happy family who’s each memberis contributing in feeding, clothing, educating and securing the other while helping the group take giant steps forward in all its endeavors’.

The group has secured and improved the lives of all that have come under its umbrella and in doing so it has earned the respect and loyalty of its employees.This has helped the group make long term investments on man and machine which has resulted in World Class Customer Service and Satisfaction.

We welcome you to the world of Karmic Connection Group.